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LifeVac has saved over 1300 lives and counting!

“The Heimlich maneuver’s success rate is only 70%. We decided to build something that would always work, no matter your experience.” - Arthur Lih, founder and CEO

Proven To Be Safe And Effective

Clinical studies and third-party testing all confirm LifeVac to be highly effective and 100% safe to use during a choking emergency.

Easy To Use

Simply place, push and pull to save a life. It’s super easy and fast, no training needed.

Works On Children And Adults

LifeVac works on children, adults, and the elderly. It comes with different size masks to fit any person.

Portable Design

Small and lightweight design will fit any backpack, travel bag, or glove compartment.

Medical Grade Build-Quality

LifeVac is build with the highest quality materials to ensure 100% effectiveness during a choking emergency.

No Prescription Needed

You can order LifeVac online without a doctor’s prescription.

Meet LifeVac

LifeVac is a patented life-saving device proven to be the most effective way to save a person from choking. It is a non-powered, non-invasive, portable suction device used to clear an airway obstruction from a person’s throat in a matter of seconds.

With over 1300 lives saved to date and counting, the presence of LifeVac in homes and vehicles continues to grow, offering a beacon of safety to families across the US.

How does LifeVac work?

It’s as simple as Place, Push, and Pull! LifeVac has a unique and patented one-way valve that doesn’t allow any air to enter a choking victim on the downward motion, which makes it impossible for the obstruction to be pushed down further into the windpipe.

Step 1: Place

Simply place the mask over the mouth and nose of the victim.

Step 2: Push

Press down to create suction. The duration of the suction is minimal, which makes LifeVac safe and effective.

Step 3: Pull

Now pull back up, and the obstruction will come out of the victim’s throat.

LifeVac Home kit

The LifeVac Home Kit is a must-have for every household. It includes a LifeVac suction device, a practice mask, an adult mask, and a child mask. The kit also comes with an easy-to-use instruction guide, which prepares you for any choking emergency.

Used & Relied Upon By

It’s not just about acclaim; it’s about reliability and safety. Our device stands as the world’s safest, most efficient, and simplest airway clearance tool—a claim that might be overlooked by many but is paramount in the medical community.

LifeVac is proudly Endorsed By: Educational Institutions, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire & Medical Emergency Services, Retail Outlets.

Backed by numerous doctors and healthcare experts. Celebrating over 1300 lives saved, with half a million units purchased across more than 40 nations and still counting!

The Original Choking Rescue Device

When it comes to a life-or-death situation like choking, don’t compromise your loved one’s safety with an imitation. Trust LifeVac, the original choking rescue device, which is proudly Made In USA and FDA Registered. Accept no imitations.

Secure LifeVac Today

A single LifeVac kit provides lifelong protection for your entire family. And if it ever comes into use, we’ll replace it for absolutely free.

Benefit from bundle savings – Enjoy significant discounts when purchasing multiple kits. Ensure you have a LifeVac at home, in your vehicle, at educational institutions, or your workplace, so it’s always within reach when required.

"LifeVac removed the obstruction with one simple push and pull"

"Yesterday, one of my patients choked on her medication. Thanks to LifeVac, she’s safe and sound now. Truly worth every cent. I highly recommend every household and medical facility to have one on hand."


Nathalie R.

Nurse At Elderly Home

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about LifeVac

Kevin Verified Buyer

I purchased the LifeVac for our family road trips, and it has given me such peace of mind. Knowing that I’m equipped to handle a choking emergency makes all the difference. The compact design is perfect for travel.

Catherine Verified Buyer

I never thought I’d find myself in a situation where I’d need to use the LifeVac, but when my daughter started choking on a grape last month, this device was a lifesaver—literally. Every home should have one!

Anna Verified Buyer

As an ER physician and a new parent, choking comes unexpectedly and takes lives. This invention is necessary for anyone with small children. If they are choking, this is your best bet as standard practices don’t always work and can damage soft developing tissue.

Ethan Verified Buyer

My coworker had a choking incident during lunch at our office. Thanks to the LifeVac we had in our emergency kit, the situation was quickly resolved. It’s a small but important purchase that every workspace or family should consider. I now keep one at home and one in my car just to be sure.

Olivia Verified Buyer

I have never in my life been so thankful to have a product in my house. I will forever be thankful for LifeVac because my daughter’s 3rd birthday could’ve had a much scarier outcome.

Janice Verified Buyer

Being a school nurse, I believe in being prepared for any emergency. I recommended LifeVac to our school board, and we now have them in every classroom. It’s straightforward to use, and the instructional guide is clear and helpful.

Sophia Verified Buyer

Not only is the LifeVac device a game changer, but their customer service is really good. I had a few questions before making my purchase, and their team was prompt, informative, and genuinely helpful. Plus, the shipping was impressively fast! We keep LifeVac in our house, our car, and my daughter’s diaper bag at all times. I am eternally grateful for this device and the peace of mind it gives us as parents.

Paul Verified Buyer

We bought this item a while ago after we found out our daughter can’t swallow well at all, and we had to switch her to tube feeds. My daughter is cognitively and physically disabled. Today, my other daughter left her hot dog out, and my disabled daughter must have gotten to it, we didn’t see it happen, we only saw her choking. We were able to get the hot dog out within seconds. This device saved my daughter today.

Marcus Verified Buyer

I’ve had first-aid training, but nothing compares to the confidence and security I feel having LifeVac in my home. Its design is intuitive, and I appreciate the inclusion of masks for both adults and children. Highly recommend!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about LifeVac

No, LifeVac has a patented one-way valve system. This means when applied, no air can be forced through the interchangeable-sized masks.
LifeVac can be used to help protect all family members.

The LifeVac is equipped to use on children as small as 10 kg (22 pounds) or heavier, utilizing the child mask. The adult mask is for use on full-grown adults and seniors. Both the child and adult masks are included in every Home Kit and Travel Kit.

Unlike the traditional Heimlich Maneuver, LifeVac is also effective for those with illnesses, disorders, medical issues, or other health troubles.
Yes and no...

LifeVac can be used multiple times if the obstruction is not dislodged on the first application.

But the LifeVac device is one-time-use-only apparatus. The product should not be used again for sanitary reasons.

IMPORTANT: If used in a choking emergency that has saved the victim’s life, the unit should be discarded. If this happens, we ask customers to contact support to fill out our Saved Life Report. After contact is made, we’ll gladly send you a brand new LifeVac free of charge.
2-5 business days after you’ve placed your order. If you do not see an email after ordering, please check your spam folder.